Once a little girl sat alone at the top of a cliff

peering over the ledge, her legs dangled in empty space

and her mind began to turn

“What is it that keeps holding me down? Why can’t I just let go?”

The girl stood, sending rock and debree crumbling into nothingness

As her thoughts grew into curiosity and temptation, she felt a familiar breath consume her

and her body grew cold.

As the icy hands of time plastered her feet to the earth the girl cried in frustration

“Why do you hold me so? All I want to do is fly”

as the silence began to overwhelm her, a voice replied from the dark

“Because my dear, you need wings to fly, but first you must earn the tools to build your freedom”

“But how do I earn the tools if you keep me cemented to the earth?” the girl asked

“Through time and patience child.” the voice responded.

“for without struggle and desire, we can not truely appreciate what it means to soar.”